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What is a Giannoni Mono?

Although it may sound like something that you need a vaccination against, the Giannoni Mono is actually the stainless steel heat exchanger that many of today’s high efficiency boilers are based upon. Giannoni is the leader in Europe and the USA in the condensing boiler heat exchanger market. These heat exchangers are included in the Lochinvar Knight, Burnham Alpine, NTI Trinity and Munchkin boilers.
How do these heat the water? The water ways encircle the burner and as the burner heats up, the heat is transferred as the combustion gas passes thru, causing the initial heat exchange. The cooled combustion gas then passes into a secondary heat exchanger where it condenses and transfers latent heat to the water before being exhausted.


  1. How do these bad boys match up against their competition??

  2. The debate over Stainless Steel vs Cast Aluminum heat exchangers is a lively one. One of the distinct advantages that Stainless Steel has is its ability to handle any type of glycol. Cast Aluminum heat echangers generally have thicker walls but tend to degrade over time.